Friday, March 14, 2008

Dell PE1950 III

What a steal for these machines. Even direct from Dell they're a great deal.
  • Dual Quad Core 2.5GhZ Xeons w/ 12MB Cache (45nm chips)
  • 4GB (win 2k8 32bit machines) or 32GB (for VMWare hosts)
  • 256MB Cache BBU Hardware RAID 1 with 2x 146GB 15K RPM Drives
  • DRAC 5 (remote access card)
  • Quad Port Intel Pro 1000 PT PCIe Card
  • Redundant Power Supplies

4GB version costs us less than the base model HP DL360 G5, and the 32GB version costs us about 2/3rds of what a comparable HP.

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Anonymous said...

How much for your config...approximately?